Club Atletico Union (Spanish pronunciation: [ˈkluβ aˈtletiko uˈnjon]; mostly known as Union de Santa Fe [uˈnjon de santa ˈfe], is a sports club from Santa Fe, the capital city of the Santa Fe Province, in Argentina. The club was founded on April 15, 1907 and plays in the Argentine Primera Division.

Although Union is mostly known for its football team, that currently plays in Primera Division, the club hosts other sports such as archery, basketball, field hockey, gymnastics, martial arts, roller skating, swimming and volleyball.


In 1966, the squad was promoted to the Segunda Division Argentina for the first time. Union's supporters are called "unionistas", "tatengues", while the squad is usually nicknamed "El Tate". The colours of the club consist of red and white vertical stripes.

Managed by Juan Carlos Lorenzo in 1975, Union made a great campaign in the 1975 championship with a group of notable players such as goalkeeper Hugo Gatti, midfielders Victorio Cocco and Ruben Sune and forwards Ernesto Mastrangelo and Leopoldo Luque among others.

In 1979 Union played the final matches of the Nacional championship, but lost at the hands of River Plate, because the goal scored by River in the first match (with a final score of 1–1) ended up in an average over Union according to the away goals rule applied to that tournament.

The most famous footballers who played for Union are Leopoldo Luque, World Cup winner with Argentina in 1978, and Nery Pumpido, the goalkeeper of the national team that won the World Cup in Mexico 1986.

Apart from football, basketball is the foremost sport practised at the institution, with Union's team currently in the third division. Carlos Delfino is its most famous basketball player, and Mario Elie, champion in NBA (1994, 1995 y 1999), also played briefly in the Argentine League, for Union de Santa Fe.