Suzhou Dongwu Suzhou Dongwu 苏州东吴

Suzhou Dongwu Football Club (Chinese: 苏州东吴) is a professional Chinese football club that currently participates in the China League One division under licence from the Chinese Football Association (CFA). The team is based in Suzhou, Jiangsu and their home stadium is the 30,000 seat Kunshan Stadium.


The club was established as an amateur club named Suzhou Jinfu New Materials (Simplified Chinese: 苏州锦富新材) On 29 May 2008. They are among the most successful amateur football clubs in the country. In 2015, they reached the final rounds of the East Region amateur championship. They also won their local league championship that year and the Chinese amateur division. Since 2016, they have been members of the China League Two. At the beginning of the 2018 league season the club would change the team's crest and colours from yellow to red with black stripes.

In the 2019 China League Two season the club finished fourth and despite this no being enough to gain promotion, China League One side Sichuan Longfor F.C. disbanded due to financial problems and Suzhou were promoted to the 2020 China League One.

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Suzhou Dongwu Suzhou Dongwu 苏州东吴