St. Gallen

FC St. Gallen 1879 (Fussballclub St. Gallen 1879) is a Swiss football club based in St. Gallen, in the Canton of St. Gallen. In the 2020–21 season the club plays in the Swiss Super League.


Founded on 19 April 1879, FC St. Gallen is the oldest club still in existence in Swiss football. However, the team has had relatively little success in comparison to other clubs. Despite the fact that St. Gallen won the Swiss championship twice in the 1903–04 and 1999–2000 seasons, the team has mostly been a mid-table side. During the last decade, the strength of the club continually declined and this eventually resulted in the transformation to a yo-yo club. St. Gallen were relegated to the second-tier Challenge League twice at the end of the 2007–08 and the 2010–11 seasons. St. Gallen has recently seen a remarkable surge in performance over the last 2 years and now has solidified itself as one of Switzerland's better clubs.

In 2016 FC St. Gallen, became a member of the exclusive Club of Pioneers, as the oldest football club of Switzerland.

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St. Gallen