Slask Wroclaw

Wroclawski Klub Sportowy Slask Wroclaw Spolka Akcyjna, commonly known as WKS Slask Wroclaw, Slask Wroclaw (Polish pronunciation: [ɕlɔ̃sk ˈvrɔtswaf]) or simply Slask, is a Polish football club based in Wroclaw that plays in Ekstraklasa, the highest level of the Polish football league system. The club was founded in 1947 and has competed under many names since then; adopting the name Slask Wroclaw ten years after their foundation. In 1977, Slask Wroclaw won the Polish league championship for the first time. The club has also won the Polish Cup twice, the Polish SuperCup twice and the Ekstraklasa Cup once. The club's home is Stadion Wroclaw, a 45,105 capacity stadium in Wroclaw which was one of the host venues during UEFA Euro 2012. Club previously played at Olympic Stadium and Stadion Oporowska.


The club has had many names since its foundation in 1947. They are listed below;

  • 1947 – Pionier Wroclaw
  • 1949 – Legia Wroclaw
  • 1950 – Centralny Wojskowy Klub Sportowy Wroclaw
  • 1951 – Okregowy Wojskowy Klub Sportowy Wroclaw
  • 1957 – Wojskowy Klub Sportowy Slask Wroclaw
  • 1997 – Wroclawski Klub Sportowy Slask Wroclaw Sportowa Spolka Akcyjna
  • Wroclawski Klub Sportowy Slask Wroclaw Spolka Akcyjna

Slask is the Polish name of Silesia, the historical region in which Wroclaw is located.

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Slask Wroclaw