Real Sociedad (youth system)

The cantera (quarry) of Spanish professional football club Real Sociedad is the organisation's youth academy, developing players from childhood through to the integration of the best prospects into the adult teams.

The final category within the youth structure is the Juvenil A (Basque: Gazteak A) under-18/19 team which represents the club in national competition. The successful graduates then usually move to the club's reserve teams, Real Sociedad C or Real Sociedad B, which are also considered part of the cantera due to being a stage in progression towards the senior team, albeit competing in the adult league system.

The academy is based at the club training complex, Zubieta, which is often the name used informally to refer to the system itself.


  • Division de Honor (Group II): (regional league)
    • 2 1982 (Liga Nacional Juvenil 1975 to 1986)
    • 7 1997, 1998, 1999, 2008, 2012, 2014, 2015 (current format since 1995)
  • Copa de Campeones Juvenil:
    • Winners: 2 1998, 1999
    • Runners-up: 2014
  • Copa del Rey Juvenil:
    • Winners: 1 1955
    • Runners-up: 1952, 1968
Real Sociedad (youth system)