TS Podbeskidzie Bielsko-Biala (Polish pronunciation: [pɔdbɛˈskʲidʑɛ ˈbʲɛlskɔ ˈbʲawa]) is a football club based in Bielsko-Biala, Poland. They currently compete in the I liga, the second tier of Polish football.


The club was essentially founded on 11 July 1997, although it can trace its roots back to 1907. That year Bielitzer Fussball Klub (FK Bielitz) was established, in the town of Bielitz, Austria-Hungary, then dominated by ethnic Germans and so was the club. In 1911, the club was renamed to Bielitz-Bialaer Sport Verein (BBSV). Since 1920, the town, known henceforth as Bielsko, belonged to Poland. In 1936, the club changed its German name to Polish Bielsko-Bialskie Towarzystwo Sportowe Bielsko (BBTS Bielsko). In 1968, it was merged with KS Wlokniarz (founded in 1911). The third ancestor, DKS Komorowice, was founded in 1995. Said clubs were merged altogether in 1997 to form TS Podbeskidzie Bielsko-Biala. From 2011 to 2016 the club performed in the top Polish football league, the Ekstraklasa, promoted as the first club from the town, before being relegated to the I liga.

They competed in the Ekstraklasa again, following their 2019–20 promotion. After the season they were relegated back to the second-tier I liga.

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