Panetolikos Football Club (Greek: ΠΑΕ Παναιτωλικός), or with its full name Panetolikos Yimnastikos Filekpedeftikos Sillogos (Greek: Παναιτωλικός Γυμναστικός Φιλεκπαιδευτικός Σύλλογος; Pan-Aetolian Gymnastic and Educational Club), is a Greek professional football club based in Agrinio, Greece. Panetolikos was founded in 1926 and is considered one of the historical clubs in Greece, currently participating in the Greek First Division. Some of the most well known players that started their career in the club are Stratos Apostolakis, former Greek recordman in international caps (96), and Petros Michos.

Team colors are yellow and blue. The club's symbol is Titormus, the ancient Aetolian hero and their motto is "Τίτορμος Αιτωλός Ούτος Άλλος Ηρακλής" (Titormos Etolos Outos Allos Iraklis), translated as Titormus the Aetolian is another Heracles.


Formation and early years

Panetolikos was founded on Tuesday March 9, 1926 with the purpose, as stated in its statutes: "The development and intensification of Gymnastic and Racing, The -ETHIC- supervision and the possible after-school education of minors, through childhood and EASTERN or Sunday schools". People had the idea of creating the club they did the act: "Healthy mind in a healthy body". The unprecedented thought and goal of the founders, to provide education to the needy children through its Night Schools, added in its title the word "Educational Educator" and became an example to imitate all the Associations in Greece. Beyond sports, his social offer was enormous in very difficult times. Hundreds of poor children learned letters at Night Schools that worked and cared for themselves in society. This athletico-social organization has written glory pages for Agrinio. Sections of classic sports, volleyball, basketball, shooting, etc. were created although its football team was the one loved by Aetolians and Akarnans.

In the season 1954–55, Panetolikos participated for the first time in his history at the Pan-Hellenic Championship, as the club finished in the first position of the southern group of the regional championship as one of the six teams that took part in his final stage. In the 1960s, Panetolikos played in the Second National Championship and after relegation to the local (1972), he returned dynamically. In the spring of 1975 celebrates the rise to Alpha Ethniki. Panetolikos fought two seasons (1975–1977) and followed an unsuccessful return attempt. It followed for about twenty years where it was in the smallest category to return to the period 1975–76. In the first class, Panetolikos remained in the following year (1976–77), but then returned to the lower classes where the club remained for more than 30 years. Seven years later, Panetolikos was relegated from the 2nd and in the period 1984–85, Panetolikos conquered the championship of Gamma Ethniki.

Panetolikos winning Delta Ethniki's championship in 1989, Gamma Ethniki's championship in 1992 and 1996, and one year after Panetolikos touches the dream of returning to Alpha Ethniki, which the powerful of the season deprives him. The new millennium finds him on a downward course and is relegated to Delta Ethniki.

Kostoulas era

In the summer of 2005, the new Greek owner Fotis Kostoulas, coming from Sweden and wanting to take the reins of the city team from which he came, presented his plans for the future of the club and followed a radical refurbishment of the stadium. More specifically, the following projects were completed by the end of 2006: new turf, construction of a shelter above the western pit, renovation of the interior (changing rooms, cafe-bar, clubs, boutique shops), construction of new newspapers and suites, On the two platforms, regeneration of the surrounding area. In addition, in 2009, a new roofed frieze was built with a capacity of about 120 distinct seats above the small east stand.

2008–09 Season: Promotion to Second Division

Panetolikos won an epic play-offs tie against fellow third-tier side Rodos to win promotion to the Beta Ethniki for the 2009–10 season. The tie was played in Athens at the Nea Smyrni Stadium, in front of full house, with 8,000 loyal fans traveling from Agrinio to support the team. After going down 1–0 early, the team staged an impressive fight back to win the game 2–1 with two goals in the last 5 minutes. Scenes of joy followed as one of the better-supported teams in rural Greece won promotion. Now in the Football League, Panetolikos continue to get terrific support, both home and away.

2010–11 Season: Promotion to the Super League

After terrific performances inside and outside Agrinio, Panetolikos won the last three critical matches (Ethnikos-Panetolikos 0–1, Panetolikos-Diagoras Rodou 3–0 and Ilioupoli-Panetolikos 2–3) and promoted to Super League. The team's 2010 performances have set new records for the Football League championship: point record (75 gathered after 34 games), away wins record (10 wins out of 23 total). Panetolikos had celebrated their promotion at home with a Friendly match against Panionios, a Super League team, on 20 May 2011.

2011–12 Season: Demotion to the Football League

After a very bad second round of results at the Super League, Panetolikos demoted to the Football League. The chairman of the club, Mr. Kostoulas after seven years, resigned from his position. After this, the whole board resigned. Most of the players left the club, said that they wanted to return to their countries, or they want to play for other teams with better contracts.

2012–13 Season: Promotion to the Super League

With Mr. Kostoulas again as a president, Panetolikos got promoted to the Super League via play-offs after six difficult games, especially the last one with Olympiacos Volos, which Panetolikos won 1–2. After the end of the game, the city of Agrinio celebrated the promotion until dawn.

2013–14 & 2014–15 Seasons

The team had its most successful year so far in the First Division, finishing in the 8th place. In 2014–15 season, form of the team improved and finished First Division as 7th.

2015–16 & 2016–17 Seasons

Panetolikos finished in the 11th place in 2016 as well as in 2017.

2017–18 Season

The team finished at 8th place with good performances.

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