Omiya Ardija

Omiya Ardija (大宮アルディージャ, Omiya Arudija) is a professional association football club based in Omiya in Saitama, Japan. Its "hometown" as designated by the league is the whole of Saitama city, which is shared with neighbours Urawa Red Diamonds. Omiya competed in the J1 League following an immediate promotion in 2015 after being relegated in 2014. Omiya was relegated again following the 2017 season. They competed in J1 2005 and continued to remain until 2014, following promotion from J2 in 2004 as the second placed team. The team currently competes in the J2 League.

Their home field is Nack5 Stadium Omiya (Nack5スタジアム大宮, Nakku-faibu Sutajiamu Omiya): Omiya Park Soccer Stadium by the naming rights with occasional games being played at the Kumagaya Athletic Stadium.


The team were founded in 1968 as NTT Saitama Soccer Selection in Urawa, Saitama and later known as the NTT Kanto Soccer Club in 1969. They were first promoted to the Japan Soccer League (JSL) Division 2 in 1987/88, and when the JSL folded, joined the former Japan Football League.

In 1998 it was separately incorporated as NTT Sport Community K.K. based in Omiya to participate in the J. League. The name "Ardija" is a transcription of the Spanish language ardilla (squirrel) which is the mascot of Omiya and the park in which their home stadium is located.

Their matches against Urawa Red Diamonds have been called the "Saitama Derby".

In 2005–2007 most of Omiya's home matches were held at Saitama Stadium 2002 and Urawa Komaba Stadium due to expansion works at their home ground. In October 2007 the expansion was complete. On November 11, the re-opening match was held as a J. League season match between the Ardija and Oita Trinita (1–2).

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Omiya Ardija