LKS Lodz (Lodzki Klub Sportowy Lodz; Polish pronunciation: [ˌɛwkaˈɛs ˈwut͡ɕ]) is a Polish sports club based in Lodz. They are best known for their football club but are represented in many sports such as basketball, volleyball, tennis, athletics and in the past ice hockey. The club is based at Stadion Miejski im. Wladyslawa Krola, at the 2 Union of Lublin Avenue in the West of Lodz. The club was founded in 1908.

This article focuses on the football club. Their nickname "Rycerze Wiosny" ("Knights of Spring") was given to them due to their usually strong performance in the second round of the league, after Winter break.


In March 2010, the city government sold the football team to a private investor, as the city could no longer afford to support the football team, particularly after several seasons in the top level Ekstraklasa, where expenses often exceeded the ticket revenue from the club's small seating-capacity stadium.

In May 2013, at the conclusion of the second-tier 2012–13 I liga season, the private investor declared bankruptcy. The club survived when a partnership between fans and other local investors raised the necessary funds to enter the much more affordable amateur fifth-level IV liga in time for the 2013–14 IV liga season, competing against other local area teams in the Lodz group.

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