FC Kremin Kremenchuk (Ukrainian: MФК Кремінь Кременчук; Russian: Кремень Кременчуг, romanized: Kremen Kremenchug) is a professional football club based in Kremenchuk, Ukraine. The current club is administered by the city of Kremenchuk and was established in 2003, but it traces its heritage to the previously existing clubs of 1959–1970 and 1985–2001.

FC Dnipro Kremenchuk (1959–1970) became the first club from Kremenchuk that obtained the professional status (team of masters). The club only played for six seasons in the Soviet lower leagues before it was dissolved. In 1985 there was created by Soviet truck manufacturer KrAZ FC Kremin which with dissolution of the Soviet Union played for several seasons at the top level in Ukraine.

Soon after liquidation of the club, in 2003 the city council adopted a decision to revive similar club financed from a local budget. Since the 2005–06 season, the city's club has taken part in the Ukrainian Second League replacing another team Vorskla-2 Poltava. The club now plays in Ukrainian First League after reaching promotion in the 2018–19 season. After 2017–18 season MFC Kremin is the longest existing professional club in Kremenchuk.


The Soviet club was established in 1959 by the Kremenchuk factory of road equipment "Kredmash" as Dnipro Kremenchuk (Dnyepr Kremenchug) and entered the Soviet football competitions in the Class B (the 3rd tier). The club participated in 10 seasons and once it was promoted to the second group of Class A (the 2nd tier). During that time the team was coached by Borys Usenko. In 1970, the club has folded.

In 1985, the club was reestablished when Naftovyk Kremenchuk was merged with SC KrAZ Kremenchuk. Naftovyk Kremenchuk was sponsored by the Kremenchuk Oil Refinery, while SC KrAZ Kremenchuk was a sports club of the Ukrainian truck builder AutoKrAZ. The new club under the name Kremin has won the Soviet amateur football competition in 1988 and the next year entered the Soviet Second League competitions.

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