KKS 1925 Kalisz

Kaliski Klub Sportowy 1925 Kalisz, often shortened to just KKS Kalisz, historically in the past named KKS Wlokniarz 1925 Kalisz and Wlokniarz Kalisz, is a Polish football club based in Kalisz, Poland. The men's senior team is currently playing in the II liga, however the club also possesses women's football and swimming sections.


The club has had a long but turbulent history, majority of it spent in amateur or semi-professional divisions. the original club was founded in 1925 as Kaliski Klub Sportwowy Kalisz.

In December 1948, a merger of 7 local clubs from the local textile industry created a new club, which was eventually renamed in February 1950 as Wlokienniczy Zwiazkowy Klub Sportowy Wlokniarz Kalisz.

However, a dire financial situation caused the club to be liquidated on the 6 March 1992, and many sections of the club ceased to exist. The football section of the club was reformed under the name Wistil in 1991, shortly before its official disbandment, and quickly returned to the name KKS Kalisz after disbandment of the original club.

With lack of on-field successes and failure to climb the league pyramid, the club withdrew half through the Fourth Division in the 2002–2003 season, officially disbanding in March 2003. The club reformed under the name KKS Prosna Kalisz but failed to field a senior team. The fans and management of the club decided to re-establish the club from scratch in 2006, starting from the bottom of the football pyramid, the 8th division, and earned promotion in their first season. In that decision, they also decided to establish a women's football team.

KKS 1925 Kalisz