GKS Katowice

GKS Katowice (Polish pronunciation: [ɡʲɛ ka ˈɛs katɔˈvitsɛ]; GKS stands for Gorniczy Klub Sportowy, "Miners Sporting Club") is a Polish football club based in Katowice, Poland. The club currently plays in the I liga, after having won promotion in 2021.


In 1963 in Katowice a special organizational committee was called with the purpose of uniting all the clubs and sporting organizations of the city into one large club which would encompass many disciplines. In mid-1963 Rapid Welnowiec and Orzel Welnowiec merged, creating Rapid/Orzel. In 1964 Rapid/Orzel, Gornik Katowice, Koszutka Katowice, Katowicki Klub Lyzwiarski (Katowice Skating Club), Katowicki Klub Sportowy Gornik, Gorniczy Klub Zeglarski Szkwal (a sailing club) amongst other clubs from Katowice merged creating GKS Katowice. Four years later on the 9 August 1968, Dab Katowice also amalgamated with GKS Katowice. GKS Katowice made its debut in Polish football's top league (now call the Ekstraklasa) on 8 August 1965 when GKS Katowice took on local rivals Gornik Zabrze.

GKS Katowice's debut season in the top flight was in the season of 1965–66. The new team quickly gained experience and ability. A bad patch for the club came in 1971 when Katowice was relegated to the 2nd Division. The club's problems were quickly overcome, and GKS returned to the top flight where they played with pride and passion. From 1982 the club consistently found itself up the top end of the ladder, as well as playing off in several Polish Cup finals. In 1985 GKS Katowice played in its first Polish Cup final but lost in a penalty shootout to Widzew Lodz. The following year GKS played off in a memorable final at Stadion Slaski against Gornik Zabrze; GKS triumphed 4–1. From that moment the city of Katowice began to live and breathe football. The next year GKS finished third and the two following years they were runners-up. In 1989 GKS again came third, and in 1991 GKS were runners-up. From 1986 to 1995 to GKS Katowice were four times runners-up in the league, twic

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GKS Katowice