Fagiano Okayamaファジアーノ岡山

Fagiano Okayama (ファジアーノ岡山, Fajiano Okayama) is a Japanese football club based in Okayama, the capital of Okayama Prefecture. They play in the J2 League, the second tier of the country's football league system. Their home stadium is City Light Stadium, in Okayama City, though some home matches are played at Tsuyama Stadium, in Tsuyama.

Fagiano in Italian means "pheasant", and it is a reference to the pheasant that was a companion of local legend character Momotaro. Their mascot Fagimaru is based on the specific species native to Japan, the green pheasant.


They were formed in 1975 after the old Kawasaki Steel Mizushima F.C. moved to Kobe, who are now Vissel Kobe.

The old boys of the club formed a new club which they called the "River Free Kickers" (RFK). For years thereafter the club played in the prefectural league. In 2003, they assumed the name "Fagiano Okayama" and began rising in the ranks.

In 2005, Fagiano Okayama were promoted into the Chugoku Regional League. In July 2007, Fagiano became the first club ever to attain the J. League Associate Membership while still playing in a division below the JFL. On December 2, 2007, Fagiano gained promotion to the JFL courtesy of winning the first place in the regional playoff games.

On 2008, they secured 4th place in the last JFL match week, thereby qualifying for J. League promotion below Tochigi S.C. and Kataller Toyama; on December 1 promotion was made official by J. League and Okayama competed in J2 for the first time in 2009.

Their main sponsor is Okayama Gas and their back sponsor is the Sanyo Shinbun, a local newspaper in Okayama.

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Fagiano Okayamaファジアーノ岡山