FL Fart

Fotballaget Fart is a Norwegian football club based in Vang outside Hamar. The club is most noted for their women's team which played in Toppserien in 2008, 2012 and 2019. Their home matches are played at Fartbana. Norway international footballers Thorstein Helstad and Kristin Bekkevold started their careers at Fart.


Fotballaget Fart was first founded in 1917, before it was dissolved after nine years of activity. The club was refounded on 28 August 1934. The club got its first pitch with grass in 1958. The name means "the football team speed" in Norwegian.

In July 2014 FL Fart received 4 million krone from the will of a fan who bequeathed his belongings to the club.

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FL Fart