Dinamo Zugdidi

FC Dinamo Zugdidi is a Georgian football club based in Zugdidi.


  • 1918–??: Odishi Zugdidi (Georgian: ოდიში ზუგდიდი)
  • 1964–65: Engurhesi Zugdidi
  • 1965–73: Inguri Zugdidi
  • 1974–90: Dinamo Zugdidi
  • 1990–94: Odishi Zugdidi
  • 1994–95: Dinamo Zugdidi
  • 1995–96: Dinamo-Odishi Zugdidi
  • 1996–99: Odishi Zugdidi
  • 2000–01: Dinamo Zugdidi
  • 2001–03: Lazika Zugdidi
  • 2003: Spartak-Lazika Zugdidi
  • 2004: Dinamo Zugdidi
  • 2004–06: FC Zugdidi
  • 2006–09: Mglebi Zugdidi
  • 2009–12: Baia Zugdidi
  • 2012–20: FC Zugdidi
  • 2020–: Dinamo Zugdidi

The club was founded in 1918 as Odishi Zugdidi. In 1990, FC Odishi Zugdidi made his debut in the Umaglesi Liga. In the season 1998–99 finished 15th and was relegated to Pirveli Liga. Before the 2001–02 season the club changed its name to FC Lazika Zugdidi and in 2002–03 the club won promotion to Umaglesi Liga. Before the 2003–04 season FC Lazika Zugdidi merged with the club FC Spartaki Tbilisi played in Pirveli Liga. During the winter break, FC Spartak-Lazika Zugdidi apparently relocated to Tbilisi and renamed FC Spartaki Tbilisi. The fusion was disbanded and the club changed its name from FC Dinamo Zugdidi to FC Zugdidi.

In July 2006, FC Zugdidi and FC Mglebi Zugdidi merged. FC Mglebi Zugdidi played in Regionuli Liga. The club continued to perform in Pirveli League, but was called FC Mglebi Zugdidi. In the season 2006–07, won first place and returned to Umaglesi Liga. After the completion of the 2008–09 season came in seventh place, but for financial reasons has been resolved.

The FC Baia Zugdidi was founded in 2006. In 2009, FC Baia Zugdidi won promotion to the Umaglesi Liga.

FC Baia Zugdidi took the place of the predecessor. Before the 2012–13 season the club changed its name from FC Baia Zugdidi to FC Zugdidi.

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Dinamo Zugdidi