Dacia Unirea Braila

Asociația Fotbal Club 1919 Dacia Unirea Braila, commonly known as Dacia Unirea Braila, is a Romanian professional football club from Braila, founded in 1919. The club currently plays in the Liga II. Their home is the 18,256-seat Stadionul Municipal stadium, where they have played since 1974.

Among the club's best performances are one Romanian Cup final in the 1992–93 season and a 6th-place finish in the top division of the Romanian football league system in the 1991–92 season.

Dacia Unirea's current home colors are white and dark blue. Accordingly, the players are nicknamed The White-blues or The Cozmoc’s Lions (“Leii lui Cozmoc") and play their home games at the 20,000-seater Municipal Stadium. The club's most notable rivalry is the one against Oțelul Galați.


Dacia Braila was founded in 1919 around the same time with another team, Unirea. Until 1928, when the two merge their collective and Dacia Unirea appears, each separately participated in the regional championship.

In November 1929 Dacia Unirea had the following base team: Padimatopol (Capreanu), Stanciu, Vasiliu, Leo (Savulescu), Fritz, Grigoriou, Anastasios, Leșu, I. Goldenberg, Teodorescu (Fratescu, Cavada, Geller, Munteanu). In the 1929–1930 season the team won the regional tournament and qualified for the national championship tournament. In the quarter-finals they were eliminated by Juventus Bucharest, the team that won the championship that year.

Early years of football (1919-1950)

Afterwards, Dacia Unirea played in the Divizia B between the years 1934–1937, 1938–1940 and in the Divizia A between the years 1937–1938, 1940–1941, the name of the team and of the club changing a few times: D.U.I.G. (Dacia Unirea Ignatz Goldenberg) in 1937, Dacia Unirea in 1938 and FC Braila in 1940.

During the war it activated in the Cupa Eroilor. After the war, the club changed its name back to the traditional "Dacia Unirea", and participated at only one season of the Divizia C, in the season 1946–1947, after which it disappeared from all divisional levels. We can mention a part of the players who played in that period: I. Goldenberg, N. Stanciu, Hagiopol, Saramet, Weiss, Cavadia, Bonațiu, V. Pop, Negrescu, Draghicescu, Pascalide, D. Stanciu.

Hard times (1950-1965)

After 1949, when both teams (Dacia Unirea Braila and Franco-Romana Braila) disappear from all the divisional levels, the football in Braila sees itself in crises, and not being able to get out of it, despite a few attempts to reorganize. Starting with 1953 the situation improves, the club is refounded and changes names successively: Metalul (1953–1956), Energia (1956–1957), Dinamo (1957–1958), Industria Sarmei (1958–1959), C.S.M. (1960–1961), Progresul (1962–1963), Laminorul (1963–1964), Constructorul (1964–1965), again Progresul (1965–1975), FC Braila (1975–1980), FCM Progresul (1980–1991), Dacia Unirea (1991–2006) and finally CF Braila starting with the 2006–2007 season. Taking into consideration these historical conditions, with a lot of problems in the organisation department, the participation in the divisional system after 1953 is as it follows: 10 times in Liga III (1956–1959, 1963–1964, 1967–1968, 1999–2001, 2007–2010), 41 times in Liga II (1953, 1954, 1960–1963, 1964–1967, 1968–1990, 1994–1999, 2001–2007, 2010 – present) and 4 times in Liga I (1990–1994).

Dacia Unirea, ascension (1965-1994)

The team that succeeded to bring Braila back to the Divizia A, after half a century, in 1990, had the following players:Ionel Dinu, C Bratianu-V. Bratianu II, Vasile Darie, Gh. Negoița, Cristea Rusu, Minciu Sandu – M. Anton, A. Marin, Musca, N. Pascu, M. Petrache, N. Radulescu, A. Stamate, Titirișca – Cujba, Dragoi, E. Popescu, Vio. Radu, M. Savescu, M. Ivan. Coach: Bujor Halmageanu.

In the 1992–1993 season the team qualified in the Cupa Romaniei final (its best performance so far), coach Ioan Sdrobiș (who came at half season to replace Gheorghe Mulțescu) had at his service the following players: C. Bratianu I, Haisan, Nicoloff – G. Baciu, Adrian Baldovin, Vasile Bratianu, Vasile Darie, Gh. Negoița, Tudorel Pelin, Sandu Minciu – Burleanu, Dragoi, Jica, M. Lazar, Matinca, Mastacan, M. Petrache, Titirișca – Cujba, Dochia, C. Luca, Marcadonatu, Mașcu, Arben Minga, Marius Șumudica. Coaches who were in charge of the team worth mentioning: I. Economu, Viorel Mateianu, Ionel Iuga, Dumitru Nicolae "Nicușor", C. Oțet, Dumitru Dumitriu III, V. Dridea II. Special merits go to committed chairmen who obtained great results in charge of the club, especially to Octavian Ulman.

Decline of football (1994-2006)

Four years after the relegations from the Divizia A came that from the Divizia B (in 1999), the tear between the club and Insula Mare a Brailei (its main sponsor) having disastrous consequences. Actually, prior to that, the main event that triggered the fall happened during the 1994–1995 season. Fighting at the time with Selena Bacau for the promotion to the Divizia A, the team from Braila was stopped by a corruption case at a game with FC Politehnica Iasi, in which, in exchange for a sum of money, the team from Dealul Copoului should have conceded the game. The case was highly mediated, ending up with arrests, Ilie Trifina (Dacia Unirea's competition organiser) and Leonard Cananau (journalist from Iași, ex football player). Dacia Unirea ended up with an 8-point penalty, and being forbidden to participate at the qualification knock-out for the promotion to the Divizia A. The team succeeded to make a comeback to the Divizia B in 2001.

Reformation (2006-2015)

At the end of the 2006–2007 CF Braila was relegated to the Liga III. Their best performance during this period was the acceding to the Cupa Romaniei quarter-finals in the 2004–2005 season, where they lost to Dinamo București 1–0 at Stadionul Dinamo and 2–0 at Stadionul Municipal. In the round of 32, Dacia Unirea won against Rapid București (coached at the time by Razvan Lucescu) at Stadionul Municipal, goal scored by Romeo Buteseaca and in the round of 16, they passed by FC Unirea Alba Iulia with 2–0, goals scored by Romeo Buteseaca and Cristian Dicu. Players who had a great contribution to this performance, among others, are: Marius Mindileac, Iulian Olteanu;– Laurențiu Ivan, Gheorghe Radulescu, Valentin Stan, Victor Olenic, Tudorel Pelin, Nicolae Ciocea – Daniel Pleșa, Dumitru Horovei, Mihalache Basalic, Cristian Dicu;– Romeo Buteseaca, Marius Matei, Paul Sorin Bogdan. We also have to mention Banel Nicolița, who played at Dacia Unirea until 2004 and where he made his debut.

The 2008/09 season meant some serious reorganisation, SC CONCIVIA SA became the owner of the team, and the objective was the promotion to the Liga II. But in the end, the club finished 8th the Championship, and it seemed that Liga II was further than was thought.

The 2009/10 season has started with a lot of promise. During the summer, Gheorghe Mulțescu was appointed advisor with the transfers, and a lot of promising players were bought. At the end of the first half of the championship, the club sees itself on the top of the table, 1st, in the run with Politehnica II Iași, Petrotub Roman and CS Panciu for the promotion.

At half season, coach Vasile Darie was replaced with Daniel Timofte and the season ended with the victory and the promotion to the Liga II, and to top it all, Nelu Buca finished 1st in the goalscorers ranking, with 25 goals.

Braila started poorly the 2010/11 season, by being eliminated from the Romanian Cup in the 4th Round by Unirea Slobozia and by being last in the championship after five rounds, with only one point. After round five of the championship, Gheorghe Bunea Stancu replaced Daniel Timofte with Liviu Ciobotariu., but brought Timofte back after round 10 of the championship, after the disaster at Piatra Neamt, 0–4 with Ceahlaul, thus concluding Ciobotariu's charge in front of our club, and like Timofte, with only one point obtained in five matches. Timofte's return had no success, the club ranking last at the end of the first half of the championship, with only four points in 15 rounds.

The second half of the championship was more productive, CF Braila managing to raise 17 more points, totaling 21 in the end, but not enough to avoid relegation, finishing next to last in the series. But all was not lost, because Unirea Urziceni withdrew from the 2011–12 Liga II season, this meaning that our club could play in its place.

CF Braila had an excellent run in the first half of the 2011–12 Liga II, ranking 5th during the winter brake, just three points behind the second-placed team, Sageata Navodari. It finished 6th at the end of the championship.

Return to Dacia Unirea name (2015-present)

In 2015, the club decided to return to its first name, Dacia Unirea.

Dacia Unirea Braila

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