BFC Siofok

Bodajk FC Siofok, generally shortened to BFC Siofok, is a Hungarian football club based in Siofok, a small town on the shores of Lake Balaton. The club was founded in 1921 as Siofok SE. The word Bodajk in the club's name stems from a merger with Bodajk FC in 2005. The colours of the club are yellow and blue. BFC Siofok plays its home matches in the Revesz Geza utcai Stadion which has a capacity of 10,500.

In the Hungarian cup final of 1984, BFC Siofok defeated Raba Vasas ETO Gyor, 2–1 and thus achieved its only major success.

BFC Siofok has been a member of the first division, the Nemzeti Bajnoksag I, from 1985 to 1994, 1996 to 2000 and from 2002 to 2004. After the 2006/07 season, the club was again promoted to the NB I. However, this promotion was aided by the deduction of eight points from main rivals Haladas Szombathely for their use of ineligible players.


  • Magyar Kupa:
    • Winners (1) :1983–84
  • Nemzeti Bajnoksag II:
  • Third place: 1994–1995
  • Winners: 1995–1996
  • Hungarian NB I/B, 2. Place: 2000–2001
  • Hungarian NB II, Western Division Champions: 2006–2007
  • Best Place in Hungarian National Championship: 4. Place (1991–1992, 2003–2004)

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BFC Siofok